Life is a Story, Live it, Love it, Capture it.

You are probably wondering, who is Claudelle? Well I am a wife and a mum of two handsome sons, and a beautiful daughter, who are my world. Besides photography, I love to dance, read, and spend time with family and friends. I am an outgoing person who loves being in nature and meeting new people.
Children have always been my passion. After graduating from university, I ran my own early childhood school for a number of years. My passion for photography started when I was very young. I remember my first camera, given to me by my sister for a Christmas gift. It was one of those old rectangle box film camera's. I have very few pictures left that I took with the camera, most are faded, but still memories of family, friends and people I came in contact with.
Capturing moments is important to me. Be it with family or friends, each day is a day to live, love and capture. So one day my pictures will tell a story.... Life is a story, live it, love it, capture it!